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Rush is right about Arpaio

Posted on: Mar18 2012 | 2 Comments - Leave A Comment

Rush Limbaugh got it exactly right Friday, as he so often does.

Where else did you hear about the fanatical Barack Obama disciple from Tennessee convicted of making death threats against Sheriff Joe Arpaio beside WND?

Try to imagine if a Newt Gingrich supporter or a fan of Mitt Romney had made such a threat against any Democratic official in the United States – even an unknown. Would the conviction of than person go unreported by the establishment media – or, as Rush delightfully pegs it, “the state-run, drive-by media”?


In fact, had such a credible threat been made against any Democratic official – known or unknown nationally – the media would have concluded without evidence that the perpetrator was a member of the tea-party movement.

This is a perfect illustration of how the press is an unpaid surrogate of the Democratic Party and an active component of the culture of liberalism in control of most of America’s cultural institutions.

The Big Media are collectively, in effect, the biggest Democratic Party superpac in America today.

Let’s review the facts Rush was explaining.

Last Wednesday, WND reported on the conviction of Adam Eugene Cox, 33, of Knoxville, Tenn., who pleaded guilty to graphically threatening Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, possibly in connection with the lawman’s investigation into the president’s eligibility for office.

Among Cox’s Internet postings: “I plan to kill Arpaio first. He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out. I promise you this. He won’t f–k with Obama. He will be buried 10 feet under and his whole family will be murdered along with him.”

Besides WND, only the Daily Caller and a few local television and radio stations in Arizona and Tennessee apparently covered the story.

“You notice how little coverage this has gotten from the mainstream media?” Limbaugh asked on his top-rated program. “Can you imagine if somebody had threatened to kill – take your pick – and it was learned that they were avid supporters of Sarah Palin? Do you think you’d hear about it? Do you think it would be all over the news and do you think the media would try to go find evidence on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page on what could have inspired this insane lunatic to go try to kill somebody? Here you have an avid Obama supporter [committing the crime].”

He reminded his audience that Arizona was scene of the tragic shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., and others in January of last year.

“Now the media, when Gabrielle Giffords was shot, blamed Palin, and then they next tried to blame me,” said Limbaugh. And neither of us, of course, had anything to do with it. The lunatic was not even political. And now we have an absolute political lunatic, a big supporter of Obama’s threatening to kill Joe Arpaio and his family and the media’s asleep. They’re not interested. The perp is an Obama supporter.

“Now, just imagine if it were a conservative threatening a prominent Arizona liberal with death, and they could track it back and [implicate] Sarah Palin or some other prominent conservative. And something else we should add. Obama went out to Arizona and made this big pitch for civility, and ‘We must stop talking about each other this way and we must all now be nice and we must find ways to bridge the partisan divide.’”

Authorities say Cox’s postings indicate – and his own mother confirms – that Cox is a “fanatical supporter” of Obama, and Arpaio’s ongoing investigation into the legitimacy of the president’s purported birth certificate may have been the reason behind the threat to kill the sheriff.

As WND reported March 1, Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse announced there is probable cause indicating the document released by the White House last April that is claimed to be Obama’s original, long-form birth certificate is actually a forgery.

Not only did the media not cover the arrest of this lunatic, they didn’t cover the sentencing. They also didn’t cover Arpaio’s press conference! None of them!

Try also to imagine if a sheriff in the United States had held a press conference to announce he’d concluded an investigation of George W. Bush’s National Guard service and found irregularities.

Could that have gone unnoticed by the press?

To top it off, Joe Arpaio may be America’s best-known sheriff. Most people don’t know the name of their own sheriff, but they know Sheriff Joe.

Nevertheless, none of the press – except for WND – even bothered to tell the public what he had to say.

Something stinks here.

Thanks, Rush, for pointing out the obvious.

2 Responses to “Rush is right about Arpaio”

  1. Dvir Yaakov says:

    If most Christians and Jews are very dishonest, you might as well jump in the casket and have someone lower ya down!

  2. Dvir Yaakov says:

    Really? And the Secret Service does what with these threats exactly? And Obama’s Media (EVERY NEWS OUTLET EXCEPT FOX) doesn’t cover this why?!

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