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TORAH TEFILLAH – #127 – Inyan Sefirat HaOmer

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“We must count each day in order to draw down daat (awareness, consciousness), to know that no matter what we have done that is animal-like, we can always return to Hashem, for His glory fills the entire world. And it is this [awareness] that prepares us to receive the Torah. These days are thus our attempt to purify ourselves, in the category of “whoever comes to purify himself, he is assisted; nevertheless, like the man who comes to the perfumery to buy perfume, he is told, Wait!” For we must be patient during the entire Omer period, to use it to prepare and sanctify ourselves [from below], so that we can be worthy of receiving the Torah on Shavuot [i.e., to be sanctified from above].”

Click on link to read: Rabbi Nachman Sefirat HaOmer

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