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Israel to UN: Iranian Terrorism a Plague that Threatens Innocent People Worldwide

Posted on: Jul28 2012 | Leave A Comment

(Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Haim Waxman –
Statement to the UN Security Council by Amb. Haim Waxman, Israel’s Deputy Permanent Representative, July 25, 2012: “18 years ago, a bomb ripped through the Argentinian Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires. 85 people were killed. Hundreds were injured. The Islamic Republic of Iran…was responsible for this act, along with its proxy Hizbullah. Last week, a suicide bomber exploded on a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria. Six were killed, including a pregnant woman. More than 30 were injured. The victims were mostly young people on vacation. Again, Iran and Hizbullah were responsible.”
“In recent months, Israelis were targeted in terrorist attacks and attempted attacks in India, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Kenya, Turkey and, most recently, in Cyprus. Iran and Hizbullah were responsible for each and every one of these…plots [that] span five continents and at least 24 countries.”
“The Iranian campaign of terrorism is a plague that threatens not only Israelis and Jews, but innocent people all over the globe. The time has come for the world to put an end to this campaign of terror, once and for all.”

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