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Missouri Farm Bureau reconsidering Akin support

Posted on: Aug31 2012 | Leave A Comment

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch) The pressure on embattled U.S. Rep. Todd Akin just won’t stop.

Influential GOP strategist Karl Rove, who has already pulled funding to help Akin’s campaign, reportedly told a private gathering this week at the GOP convention in Florida that they “should sink Todd Akin.”

Now today, more funding could vanish as the Missouri Farm Bureau announced it is “reconsidering” its endorsement of Akin for U.S. Senate because of comments he made about women somehow being able to biologically prevent pregnancy after a “legitimate rape.”

Akin won the endorsement over Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill by a 99 percent vote on August 10, just days before his controversial comments. Akin could lose the groups financial support if the endorsement is taken away.

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