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Old Navy makes big mistake in sports clothing

Posted on: Sep4 2012 | Leave A Comment

(SPORTS.YAHOO) — Somebody at Old Navy needs a little help with their American Football League history. In 1961, the Dallas Texans went 6-8 and finished second in the AFL West division behind the San Diego Chargers, who lost the 1961 AFL championship to the Houston Oilers. The next year, the Texans beat the Houston Oilers in the AFL championship and promptly moved to Kansas City to become what is known today as the Chiefs.

That’s a 1962 championship for the Dallas Texans, not a 1961 championship. And the Houston Oilers won the 1961 championship. Keep these things in mind, and we’ll continue.

In 2002, the Texans name returned to pro football when Houston was awarded the franchise that replaced the Oilers, who moved out of town after the 1996 season. In 2011, the Houston Texans won their first division title with a 10-6 record, good enough for the pole position in the AFC South. The Houston Texans went on to beat the Cincinnati Bengals, 31-10, in the wild-card round of the 2011 playoffs before dropping 20-13 to the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional frame.

Why this little history lesson, you might ask?

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