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Scottish council rejects anti-Israel motion

Posted on: Jun16 2011

Liberal Democrat councillor’s boycott clause removed from motion.

Survey: More Support for Settlers, Less Belief in Negotiations

Posted on: Jun16 2011

Ariel University Center of Samaria releases survey which shows that more Israelis support the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria.

Family Reunited Six Years After Expulsion

Posted on: Jun15 2011

The Zweig family, formerly of Gush Katif, is finally reunited after six years of living in temporary caravans.

The future of European Jewry

Posted on: Jun15 2011

Those who deny Jews or Israel their freedom will lose, or fail to gain, their own.

US congressman writes bill to protect circumcision

Posted on: Jun15 2011

Brad Sherman, congressman from California, plans to introduce law to keep cities from banning male circumcision.

Playwright Mamet says Brits inherently anti-Semitic

Posted on: Jun13 2011

Jewish-American dramatist says anti-Israeli sentiment in UK is directly influenced by negative portrayals of Jews throughout country’s history.

Israel will Train Italian Teachers to Teach About Holocaust

Posted on: Jun13 2011

Italian Education Ministry will select teachers to attend special training at Yad Vashem annually.

Muslim Brotherhood: Anti-Americanism Linked to Anti-Semitism

Posted on: Jun13 2011

Anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism go hand-in-hand in the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology, as demonstrated in a recent speech by the group’s leader Muhammad Badie. To Badie, the current problems in the Middle East have historical roots in a Jewish

Future of Jewish people to be discussed at J’lem summit

Posted on: Jun11 2011

150 young leaders meet for five-day ROI Global Summit for Young Jewish Innovators to exchange ideas on issues shaping the Jewish World.

Kiddush clubs declare boycott on Scottish whiskey

Posted on: Jun11 2011

Move by Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs comes after Kiddush-favorite Chivas named in global boycott of Israeli goods.

German man who typed ‘Schindler’s List’ dies at 91

Posted on: Jun11 2011

Mietek Pemper was responsible for typing the famous list that saved 1,000 Jews during the Holocaust; will be buried in Jewish cemetery in Germany.

‘Father of IAF’ Al Schwimmer Dies, 94

Posted on: Jun11 2011

Schwimmer, known as the father of the Israel Air Force, was head of the Aerospace Industry for its first 24 years.

PA: “If I Forget Thee, Oh Jerusalem” First Said by Crusader

Posted on: Jun10 2011

PA TV publicizes an Arab ‘research’ claim that Psalm 137 “If I forget three, o Jerusalem” was written by a crusader in the Middle Ages.

Feds Seek Life Sentences for Men Convicted in Synagogue Plot

Posted on: Jun9 2011

Four men convicted in a plot to attack a N.Y. synagogue and shoot missiles at military planes “readily agreed to participate in a spectacular terrorist attack,” federal prosecutors argued in a sentencing memo filed Wednesday. The memo recommended that

Torah Scroll to be Marched from Western Wall to Mt. of Olives

Posted on: Jun9 2011

The eastern Jerusalem neighborhood Maaleh Zeitim continues to make a name for itself, with its 3rd public gala event in recent weeks this evening.

Jews decry Yale closing anti-Semitism study center

Posted on: Jun8 2011

Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism is to close at the end of July, sparking fierce objection from community.

Fogel Baby-Stabber ‘Proud of What I Did’

Posted on: Jun5 2011

Hakim Awad and Amjad Awad arraigned for murder of five members of the Fogel family.

US won’t participate in UN’s Durban III conference

Posted on: Jun2 2011

Obama administration voted against 2011 conference against racism because of “ugly displays of intolerance, anti-Semitism” in the past.

NY Israel Day Concert “For the Sake of Jerusalem”

Posted on: May31 2011

Annual Central Park concert set for June 5th, with MK’s and special musical entertainment, including Avraham Fried and Haitian George.<br/>

Agricultural Moshavim Sector Marches to Salute Jerusalem

Posted on: May30 2011

Thousands of members of the agricultural “Moshavim” sector took part in an annual march to Jerusalem in honor of Jerusalem Day.

Brits Revert to Anti-Jewish Form: David Cameron Resigns as patron of the Jewish National Fund

Posted on: May30 2011

British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned as patron from the Jewish charity, the Jewish National Fund. Yes, David, a non-partisan group that pants trees - that's the problem.

The JNF is the organziation I worked with to plant the grove of trees in American Independece Partk in Jerusalem in honor of Aqsa Parvez and all victims of honor killing worldwide (more news on that soon to come.)

This is the Brits being British. Their long history of Jew hatred is littered with the bodies of millions. From the betrayal of the Balfour Declaration and the White Paper. They stopped the Jewish people from emigrating into Palestine when millions were being "exterminated." They have a lot to make up for – instead this.

But in abandoning the good and the humane, they have destroyed their own country. Is it any wonder Jews are fleeing Britain (and Europe?) How are those sharia courts working out for you?

Any country void of Jews is a wasteland.

The Nazis and the Philistines welcome the decision, of course.

David Cameron resigns as patron of the Jewish National Fund Guardian

Pro-Palestinian campaigners claim their lobbying forced the prime minister to withdraw supporhas stepped down as a patron of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in a move pro-Palestinian campaigners claim is a result of pressure but which Downing Street insists is part of a general review of the prime minister's charity connections.

The JNF was only one of a number of charities from which Cameron stepped down, said Downing St. His predecessors Gordon Brown and Tony Blair continued to be JNF patrons throughout their tenure.

It is a global charity which describes itself as the "caretakers of the land and people of Israel", specialising in planting forests. [...]

Sofiah Macleod of the UK-based Stop the JNF Campaign said the organisation's lobbying had led Cameron to withdraw. "There has been a change in public opinion and awareness about Israel's behaviour and there was specific pressure on [Cameron] to step down from the JNF," she said. "We believe he has stepped down as a result of this political pressure. Given the establishment support that the JNF has received, it's not a decision he will have taken lightly."

Yes, the Muslim lies are being accepted as fact – just like Hitler's minister of propaganda, Goebbels, managed to do.

The Stop the JNF Campaign wrote an open letter to the prime minister this month, claiming the JNF had committed war crimes against the Palestinian people and urging his resignation as patron.

An early day motion tabled in the Commons in March regretted Cameron was a JNF patron and said revoking its charitable status should be considered. However, Downing St insisted Cameron's resignation was part of a wider review.

Revoke it's charitible status but the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood groups enjoy such blood-rasising fundraising worldwide.

"Following the formation of the coalition government, a review was undertaken of all the organisations and charities the prime minister was associated with. As a result of this review, the prime minister stepped down from a number of charities – this included the JNF," it said in a statement.

Traditionally, the leaders of the three main political parties have become patrons of the JNF. However, Cameron's resignation means that none of the current three leaders are JNF patrons.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign welcomed the decision. "It reflects the fact it is now impossible for any serious party leader to lend public support to racism," campaign director, Sarah Colborne, said in a statement.

This, from the queen of the racists. You can't make this shiz up.


The JNF did not respond to a request for comment. In a letter to the Guardian last October, Samuel Hayek, JNF UK chairman, said: "To accuse the JNF of being "actively complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians' represents a distortion of the truth on the grandest of scales.

"Our environmental and humanitarian work is not based on any political or religious affiliation, but rather on supporting Israel and its population – whatever their background. This was the case before the modern state of Israel was created and will continue to be the case long into the future."

The Nazis Find a Home in Post-Mubarak Egypt

Posted on: May30 2011

A natural home for a scourge once vanquished, now full of ugly resonance with the country’s Muslim masses. The so-called “Arab Spring” has unleashed sinister forces.

Festivities at Tomb of Prophet Samuel on Jerusalem Day

Posted on: May30 2011

Special events are scheduled at the Tomb of Samuel on Jerusalem Day, the traditional date of the death of the Prophet Samuel.<br/>

Palestinian Authority ‘Freedom Tree’ Praises Terrorists

Posted on: May30 2011

Fond memories of terrorists serving “a noble cause” decorate a Palestinian Authority “Freedom Tree,” though Abbas insists he doesn’t honor them.

Jerusalem Day in 80 Cities Around the Country

Posted on: May30 2011

Not long ago, Jerusalem Reunification Day was “eulogized” for its lack of attraction outside the capital. It will be marked this week in 80 cities.

IDF: Joseph’s Tomb Shooting was Intentional

Posted on: May29 2011

PA officers’ gunfire aimed at Jewish worshipers was not only unjustified, but an intentional attack, IDF investigators tell Chief of Staff.

Left-wing anti-Semitism triggers German gov’t debate

Posted on: May26 2011

Discussion addressed what many consider to be the dominant form of modern anti-Semitism in the federal republic: the loathing of the Israel.

Israeli-South African who hid Mandela dies aged 82

Posted on: May26 2011

Arthur Goldreich, who took part in struggle to end Apartheid, was jailed, sentenced to death in S. Africa but managed to escape to Israel.

Spanish poet honors unsung Warsaw Ghetto heroine

Posted on: May26 2011

Irena Sendler, who saved 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto, wins Spanish poetry prize.

Chabad’s ‘Mitzvah Tanks’ Bring Holiday Spirit

Posted on: May26 2011

Chabad’s mobile mitzvah tanks brought the spirit of Lag BaOmer to citizens throughout Israel, and are now helping prepare students for Shavuot.

Facebook didn’t cause Arab Spring, says Zuckerberg

Posted on: May25 2011

Speaking at e-G8 Internet Forum, Facebook CEO says it is the Internet, not specifically his site, that fuels Middle East protests.

Testimony Details Mumbai, Denmark Plots

Posted on: May25 2011

CHICAGO – The terrorists responsible for the 2008 attack on Mumbai had plans for additional strikes against Indian military targets and against Jews, a former operative testified Tuesday. David Headley’s testimony focused on details in the Mumbai

Live: New Jewish Neighborhood on the Mount of Olives

Posted on: May25 2011

Maaleh Zeitim, a new Jewish neighborhood on the Mount of Olives, is being dedicated right now. INN brings you live coverage of this stirring event.

‘Israeli book ban may be imposed in Scottish libraries’

Posted on: May24 2011

Move is part of boycott policy by council near Glasgow, ‘Jewish Chronicle’ reports; Israel supporters: Scottish Council is like Iran, Saudi Arabia.

US couple pleads guilty to funding Hezbollah

Posted on: May24 2011

Report: Married couple with dual Lebanese, US citizenship admits they planned to provide terrorist group with up to $1 million.

Jews’ Entry into Hevron House ‘Message to Obama’

Posted on: May24 2011

Nationalist activists and reporters detained after entering Shapira House in ancient Jewish capital.

IFPS-Canada/USA Signature Series events initiated in May 2011

Posted on: May24 2011

IFPS-Canada and IFPS-USA jointly initiated its much-awaited Signature Series event in London Ontario on May 8, with a major speech by Hon. Geert Wilders, Chairman of the Party for Freedom in Holland. Headlining the event along with Mr Wilders were Sam Solomon and Rabbi Jon Hausman, with SUN-TV personality Ezra Levant as Master of Ceremony. [...]

Israeli Director Wins Award at Cannes

Posted on: May22 2011

Israeli director Joseph Cedar wins the award for best screenplay at the Cannes film festival, for his movie “Footnote”.

Protesters in Tel Aviv: We’re Here to Stay

Posted on: May22 2011

Over 700 protesters from participated Sunday in a rally opposite the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv. “We won’t give up our homeland,” they told Obama.

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