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Thank you for considering making a donation to JPR. First, I must tell you that Jewish Pulse Radio, like most online and broadcast radio stations, is not non-profit. However, this does not mean we don’t need your help to continue broadcasting. In fact, we need your help now more than ever.

Radio hosts need to get paid and advertising/marketing JPR is crucial to building a solid listener base. Your financial contribution of any size will help ensure we are here tomorrow to bring you and the world the truth about events transpiring in Israel.

Especially in the West, people have no clue what Israel endures day in and day out. Thanks to heavily biased mass media reports, most of us only hear about Israel’s “acts of aggression,” when in reality these are required strikes to defend the country from the nonstop barrage of rockets from Gaza, etc. G-d fearing people around the world need to know the truth!

Your donation of any amount is appreciated beyond words, and considering the cause it is going toward, I can say without hesitation that you will be blessed for your assistance in helping Israel get another voice of truth out to the people.

For more information on how to donate please use our Contact Form.

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Jewish Pulse Radio Streaming mp3 news and commentary

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