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  • JPR seeks a rabbi host.* We are especially interested in finding rabbis in the Holy Land who are from the US or those who grew up in Israel and who now reside in America. Your perspective is what our listeners want to hear. It is your insight into current events and how they tie in to Torah that is of interest to us at JPR.
  • JPR seeks a female host.* It is important to have a woman's point-of-view. Whether it is a show aimed toward an all-women audience or one where we simply get to hear a Jewish woman's perspective on current events, etc. we want to hear from you. If you are currently living in Israel even better!
  • JPR seeks a liberal host.* While JPR tries not to be identified leaning in any direction politically, it is our belief that to support Israel is to immediately be identified as leaning to the right. It is therefore important to us to maintain balance. If you have liberal views and support Israel you are an anomaly... just a little JPR humor! Seriously, we want to talk to you, and in turn we may want you to talk to our listeners.
  • JPR seeks Journalism students who are looking to earn credit while covering events for JPR.

*Radio experience is not necessary, but public speaking experience is helpful.


Dvir Ya'akov

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EUGENE, OR 97402

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Jewish Pulse Radio Streaming mp3 news and commentary

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DISCLAIMER: While it is the goal of all JPR staff to bring you only unbiased facts, it is our belief that no one can truly be 100% objective. Therefore, all opinions expressed by this host/instructor do not necessarily reflect those of fellow hosts, instructors or the JPR senior staff. However, we believe what sets us apart is our cohesive willingness and need to correct ourselves if it is discovered that any of our reports have been anything but 100% accurate.